Assume you’re listening to a track that doesn’t have a title, an artist, or any kind of judgment — it’s just you, the beat, and your environment. Hidden DJs is a concept that Wonderfruit first introduced at the festival’s Quarry stage in 2019, when it installed a screen between the dance floor and the DJ booth and released nothing more than a lineup and no schedule. In a sense, this is a continuation of Wonderfruit’s previous musical endeavors, which include Mysterious Producers, which is a curated explorative anonymous set that is driven by the spirit of sound rather than the focus of the artist.

Wonderfruit will be releasing an eclectic live set on SoundCloud twice a month until December 2021, but all producers and artists will be kept under wraps until the next set is revealed on their social media pages and blog post here. It is the goal of Wonderfruit’s new concept to allow people to embark on an unknown musical journey without knowing who is behind the incredible sets from different producers, live acts, and artists from all over the world that they will encounter.

“Sharing musical journeys from unnamed artists; allowing the sounds to speak for themselves,” according to the website’s description.

So far, three sets have been unveiled to the public. A two-hour relaxing ambient exploration for your soul was the focus of Mysterious Producer 001, which was dedicated to the idea of rejuvenating the body and mind with a relaxing ambient exploration for your soul. While broadcasting the second set, Wonderfruit completed the announcement by revealing the first artist, Bangkok’s own Maft Sai of Zudrangma records.

Mysterious Producer 002 delves deep into the trenches of underground techno, transporting you into the depths of heavy healing through dark and classic live soundscapes. Following an investigation, it was discovered that the showcase belonged to the Headless Horseman, a New Yorker who relocated to Berlin and who frequently performs at Berlin’s legendary Berghain nightclub.

Mysterious Producer 003 (the most recent set) is an underground soul from Seoul who digs into rare vinyl pieces of East Asian productions to unearth forgotten garage, psychedelic, and disco sounds. However, we will have to wait until Friday to find out who this mysterious artist is….

By utilizing anonymous sets, Wonderfruit hopes to create a sensory experience for both the listener and the creator. By using music as a focal point, Wonderfruit hopes to allow the music to find its way to the audience in an unconventional manner. Individuals should be able to use sound to find their own rhythm without feeling pressured, judged, or stigmatized by the outside world, according to this belief. In the meantime, while we await the return of face-to-face interaction, Wonderfruit’s upcoming release on Friday will take us on a journey into the world of sounds rather than names.

Visit this page to see some throwback memories from past festivals as part of Wonderfruit’s Mysterious Producers series.

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