Everyone has had a few wild nights out every now and then (or more? ), and just as the wild stories that accompany the night accompany the hangover, so does the hangover itself. While the hangover is universally recognized around the world, there are some differences in how it is treated — particularly when it comes to medical treatment. We traveled around the region and took advantage of the opportunity to ask a few DJs in Asia about their go-to solutions based on where they resided at the time. Throughout the world, from unique stews in Jakarta to “Mukaizake” (which translates as “dog hair”) in Japan, we learn about local hangover hacks and how they may be of assistance the next time you’re stuck in bed with a crippling hangover.


“The recipe for Tom Saap, also known as Thai Hot and Sour soup, is simple and something I’ve been making since I was a teenager. Tom Saap is the spicier and gnarlier cousin of the infamous Tom Yam soup. Tom Sap is similar to Tom Yam, but it contains ten times the amount of chilli and lime; in addition, unlike Tom Yam, the Tom Sap contains both dried and fresh chillies. In addition, because it is a soup, you are rehydrating your body while also putting out the fire in your mouth by drinking plenty of water afterward. The chillies help to sweat out the alcohol, and the sourness from the limes wakes you up TF. Afterwards, you’ll be a sweaty mess, but at the very least you’ll be rehydrated and feel somewhat more human.”


“We Japanese have a hangover remedy known as Mukaizake, which translates as “the hair of the dog” in English — which basically means to just keep drinking, lol. The majority of the time, I’d continue to drink at my record bar in Ginza.”


“We usually order delivery, especially naengmyeon, which is similar to Korean cold noodles or hangover soup (it can be made with a variety of ingredients, including bean sprouts, dried pollack, pork bones, and ugeoji, which is dried napa cabbage), and then we can relax at home for the rest of the day! Following a meal, I usually sleep until my hangover subsides.”


“Clam soup and antrodia cinnamomea can aid in the digestion of alcoholic beverages after they have been consumed! Just to be clear, most people take antrodia cinnamomea in capsule form rather than soup form. Clam soup is especially beneficial for regaining one’s composure! The ginger, I believe, is also included in the soup recipe. I do, however, consume ginger and drink honey water as well. Honey water is known to relieve headaches, and ginger can aid in the decomposition of alcoholic beverages in the body!”


“Freshly boiled eggs, thick kaya toast, and kopi ping from a nearby kopitiam, followed by checking into the Hammam for a full body scrub and a two-hour massage.”


“Do you have a hankering for a greasy meal? Egg Bhurji Pav, also known as scrambled eggs with Indian spices garnished on top and served with soft dinner rolls, is a popular dish in India. The proteins and amino acids in the scrambled eggs give you energy and aid in the removal of toxins from your body. Dinner rolls are an excellent choice for carbs that will help to soak up all of the alcohol. An additional dish that we enjoy is the Idli Sambar, which are rice cakes that are served with a tangy lentil sauce. It is a well-known south Indian breakfast that helps to soak up the alcohol, flush out the toxins, and cushion your insides like a warm hug from within.”


“Waking up with a hangover after a night out completely zaps my appetite for the rest of the day, but my body desperately needs to recover as soon as possible,” I explain. Hot water, of course, is the best option because we Chinese believe that it can cure anything. You can also add some lemon and honey to boost your circulation, and you’ll be feeling refreshed in no time! Lemon water with honey is extremely popular in this region.”


“So there’s this place in Jakarta called Block M, and there are these carts called ‘Gultik Carts,’ and the food is rice and beef — kind of like a stew. A small plate used to cost 10,000 rupiahs, which was a lot for me considering I usually eat 2 to 3 plates a day. They used to serve keropok crackers on it. I’m not sure how long the soup has been sitting out there, but it’s really good. You sit outside on a dingy table and a plastic chair. Given the fact that they are only open until the wee hours of the morning, this is the type of food you would get after a night out clubbing. Yet another thing exists, and it is known as ‘Tolak Angin.’ Its literal translation is — reject the wind, and it is hilarious. The package contains a herbal mixture as well as peppermint leaves. Apparently, this Bear Brand beverage, which is marketed as a hangover cure, is also popular in this country. Despite the fact that it says sterile milk on the label, I do not consume it.”


“Normally, we eat goto, beef pares, or beef bulalo — that’s our go-to hangover cure when we’re in the neighborhood. Alternatively, drink a bottle of cold beer to completely flush it out, but refrain from drinking another one after that hahaha. We also have papaitan soup, which is made from the insides of a goat and is bitter to taste at first but becomes quite delicious once you get the hang of it. I believe it works as a result of the grease? I’m not sure about that though.”

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