Spotify has announced the launch of a new “Blend” feature, which allows users to see how musically compatible they are with other users on the platform.

Customers have been able to test the feature since June as part of the beta program, but the feature has now been made available to the general public for use.

Brew will be “updated daily and adapts based on what listeners stream,” according to a statement. It “combines the best of Spotify’s personalisation capabilities and collaborative playlist functionality into a single shared playlist, making it easy for users to get into a social listening session that is tailored just for them.”

User-generated taste match scores, data stories, and new cover art for their generated playlists are now available to them.

Blend playlists can be found in the Made For You section of the Spotify app, which can be accessed from the main menu.

In response to questions about the new project, Spotify’s senior engineer, Mike Mazzola, stated:

“Blend is like this music-themed mystery box. Whenever you send something to a friend, you have no idea what you’re going to get in return, which adds to the excitement. When compared to the rest of Spotify, which is tailored specifically to you, this is something that is meant to bring two people together and allow you to discover new music through your friends.”

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