Guitars are available in a variety of shapes and styles, and you will never be satisfied with just one. For example, just within the realm of electric guitars, you have the Stratocaster, the Telecaster, the Les Paul, the Jazzmaster, and a hundred other models, each of which was designed and crafted to have a distinct persona – defined by their body design and their sound. One of the tragedies of electric guitars has always been that you have to buy different guitars for different sounds… although the folks at Reddick Guitars may have an answer – modularity.

The term “Modular” is frequently used as a catchphrase or gimmick (most notably in the fields of architecture and technology), but what the Reddick Voyager does is nothing short of brilliant. It is possible for electric guitars to function because the vibrating metal strings cause fluctuations in the magnetic fields of the pickups on the instruments. Different electric guitars have different pickups that are placed in various different locations to create their signature sound (for example, a Stratocaster has three single-coil pickups, whereas a Les Paul has two humbucker pickups)…. As a result, Reddick decided to simply design a guitar with modular pickup blocks that could be swapped in and out as needed. The Reddick Voyager is demonstrated in action in the video above, with the demonstrater hot-swapping modules in the middle of the performance to demonstrate how different they sound.

Swapping pickup modules is almost as simple as swapping cassettes in a cassette player (if you’re old enough to remember those), which makes it convenient to switch modules in the middle of a concert while still performing. The Voyager comes with six interchangeable modules that model popular guitar layouts such as the Telecaster, the Les Paul, and the SSS Stratocaster, among others. The modules are clipped directly into the central cavity of the Voyager, and they can be removed by grasping them at the back of the ship with the hole in the back. Furthermore, the guitar’s base is equipped with a detachable module that includes interchangeable controls that allow you to get the most out of your jamming experience. Unfortunately, while you can swap out modules on the Voyager to dramatically alter its sound, there isn’t much you can do to change the way it looks or feels. With a wooden finish, the Voyager’s design is based on the Fender Stratocaster (the most popular electric guitar model on the market and a personal favorite of Hendrix’s), and it stands out dramatically from the usual enamel-coated colorful electric guitars on the market – an approach that makes sense given the Voyager’s one-of-a-kind function and appearance.

What makes the Voyager so revolutionary is its ability to physically model different guitars without the user having to own a variety of different guitars themselves. It is also extremely convenient for musicians, as it allows them to experiment with new sounds on the fly, or potentially even swap out modules mid-concert without the hassle of running backstage to get a new guitar (or worse, having to go through tuning and sound-check all over again!)

The Voyager Modular Electric Guitar is available in three different wood options: walnut, ash, and cherry. The guitar can be purchased as a package for $1,499, which includes two pickup modules of your choosing as well as one standard control module… This is understandable given the fact that you are receiving multiple guitars for the price of one. Additional pickup modules are available for purchase for $199 each, allowing you to expand your sound library to include a variety of guitar styles and sounds without having to empty your wallet completely.

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