Scalpers are, without a doubt, the bane of anyone attempting to obtain a copy of any limited physical release. When it comes to graphic cards, Pokemon cards, or next-generation consoles, they’re just waiting to scoop up inventory and resell it to you at a huge markup on top of what they paid. Additionally, it appears that they are not opposed to performing the same procedure with regard to perishable items as well. Some scalpers have stocked up on the limited-edition Pokemon x Oreo cookies and are reselling them for thousands of dollars on the black market.

If you go to eBay right now, you’ll notice that there are a number of sellers attempting to resell these cookies for anywhere from $50 to $9000 each. That’s right, one seller is attempting to sell a ‘rare’ Mew Oreo for the princely sum of $9,000. The Mew Oreo does not appear to be particularly rare, based on the number of listings that have come up for sale. Some vendors have gone so far as to encase the cookies in order to keep them fresher for longer. Fortunately, it doesn’t appear that anyone will fall for it, and these cookie scalpers will only end up with stale cookies in their hands.

Throughout its 25th anniversary celebration, The Pokemon Company has collaborated with artists and businesses from a variety of different industries to create original artwork. This year, Original Stitch debuted a line of Pokemon dress shirts, Katy Perry dropped a song called “Electric” featuring Pikachu, and the Pokemon Trading Card Game received a reprint of its first set of trading cards.

Oreo teased that it would be collaborating with Pokemon in some way back in June, and the result was the Pokemon x Oreo limited edition cookies that were released in September. Each of these cookies has one of 16 Pokemon embossed on the top biscuit, but you won’t know which one you’ve gotten until you open the package; it’s almost like playing the Trading Card Game. When this happened, scalpers took notice and saw it as an opportunity to make some quick money.

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