People who enjoy music will appreciate the convenience of being able to quickly navigate through their playlists or adjust the volume without exerting much effort. When using wireless headphones or earbuds, you can control them with your fingertip, but you must still lift your arm to do so. This can be a bit of a hassle for someone who frequently switches between songs or adjusts the volume levels. Joel Meredith, a student at the University of Technology Sydney, wants to radically alter the way we interact with our music, making it more hassle-free while still being fashionable.

In his opinion, an accessory should be fashionable enough to complement your personal style while also being functional. Affectionately referred to as the Melo Ring, it is a small device that sits comfortably on your finger and allows you to interact with your music using touch or swipe gestures through the various sensors that are strategically placed throughout the ring. It is also possible to share songs with other Melo Ring users by simply flicking a finger across the minimalistic piece of jewelry’s surface. On top of that, adding songs to a playlist, reading out the song titles, and changing the playlist can all be done without anyone else even knowing it. Being more than just an accessory that you wear every day – and probably never take it off – is the driving force behind this innovative concept. Transforming it into something useful is the primary motivation behind the innovative concept.

Melo Ring is one of the 3,865 people who have entered the Red Bull Basement competition, according to the organizers. Joel intends to create an early prototype of Melo Ring in 2021 and to continue to refine the design and functions of the device until he is ready to release it to the general public. “Attention less products and glanceable technology” are at the heart of his vision, which is to create products and technology that “fit seamlessly into a user’s lifestyle, almost like a second skin.”

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