Who can forget the allure of the adorably small iPod Classic from years gone by? To further rekindle those fond memories of the Apple accessory, a designer has imagined the cool audio listening device in a 2021 avatar that the majority of you would love to get your hands on!

Following the release of the iPod Classic in 2001, the personal audio listening industry has never been the same again, and things have only gotten better. Sales of the cool Apple gadget soared immediately due to its unique concept for the audiophile crowd of the time. Then, after more than a decade of success, the iconic gadget was phased out in 2014, to be replaced by the iPod Touch, which was phased out in 2019 as well. While Apple continues to offer the new iPod touch, the device has failed to impress the company’s core customer base, according to recent polling.

Because of this, Apple has decided to bring back the iPod Classic in a modern form that will rekindle nostalgic memories of a time when smartphones were not your one-stop-shop for all of your requirements – excluding audio listening requirements, of course. We have reason to hope for a future Apple device that will bring us back to the days when listening to our favorite songs was such a liberating experience, thanks to designer Andrea Copellino‘s concept art. This is something he does to commemorate the iPod Classic’s 20th anniversary this year.

In fact, the cool concept is a carbon copy of the iPhone 12 Pro’s distinctive design, which is highlighted by the shimmering metal stainless steel body and the flat sides with contoured edges. There has been much discussion about Apple’s MP3 player and how it is possible to forget the haptic feedback provided by the click wheel – Andrea’s design brings that element back, with the added touch of the Apple Remote for added uniqueness. Because it’s so cool, I have to have it right away.

There is a lot of glass finish in the concept design, and the metal body casing is reassuring to look at because it reflects Apple’s current design language. The iPod Classic of 2021 has a much larger proportion when compared to its inspiration, which is understandable given the current state of the world. The user interface (UI) has also been updated to provide a more seamless user experience, and they do not include headphone jacks, which comes as a surprise. The reason for this is that Apple would prefer that you use the ANC AirPods Pro in conjunction with the device.

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