During the summer of 2021, Facebook will introduce a new line of audio products. Live Audio Rooms, a competitor to the upstart audio-only social media platform Clubhouse, a new audio feed called Soundbites, and a partnership with Spotify, which allows users to stream podcasts directly through Facebook using a new integrated player, are among the new products.

Live Audio Rooms will initially be accessible through the News Feed or as a feature of Messenger, and users will be able to charge for access to the discussion in the future, either through a one-time fee or a recurring monthly subscription fee. Stars, a tipping service provided by Facebook, will also be available in the rooms. Essentially, Soundbites are audio-based versions of TikTok, with effect filters and voice transformation designed to feature short-length audio, such as music from Facebook’s library, as well as music from third-party sources.

Facebook is also launching monetisation tools in an apparent attempt to compete with emerging platforms such as Substack and Discord. The company claims they are adding “an Audio Creator Fund to support emerging audio creators and get early feedback on the new product experience,” in addition to tipping and potential subscription models, to their existing tipping and subscription models.

Soundbites will also include a “studio in your pocket,” which will include artificial intelligence for noise reduction and audio enhancement. Check out the video to the right to hear them in action. The new audio products from Facebook will be available this summer.

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