Since an Axios report earlier this summer revealed Amazon’s interest in live audio, more information about their rumored app, Project Mic, has been made available.

This app will function in a similar manner to Clubhouse, according to The Verge. Individuals will be able to create a profile and broadcast information about a topic of their choosing, or they will be able to host a live DJ radio show. The search bar will be divided into categories such as pop culture, music, sports, and more, so that other users can find specific shows.

Users will be able to access the user-generated radio shows through a variety of other Amazon-owned applications, such as Twitch, Audible, Amazon Music, and Alexa-compatible devices, following their creation.

The most important thing to remember about this is that Amazon is taking a very different approach than its competitors. While social media platforms such as Clubhouse and Twitter aim to encourage users to converse with one another, Amazon is concentrating its efforts on the live music industry.

This provides artists, particularly DJs, with a stronger and more robust platform from which to perform their music. Project Mic, a new way to capture the attention of a much larger audience, could replace SoundCloud as the most popular platform for uploading tracks and mixes.

There is no set date for when Project Mic will go live on Amazon’s servers.

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