In addition to their existing 1210 turntables, Technics has introduced the SL-1210G, a new 1210 model. The new player is aimed squarely at audiophiles, though it retains some of the features that 1210 users are already accustomed to using. A new “iron-coreless direct drive motor, a hybrid encoder for rotational speed detection that uses digital and analogue technology to allow for enhanced stability, a three-layer platter with high vibration-damping performance, and high-damping silicone rubber insulators to minimize vibrations” are among the features of the 1210G, which is described as “a twin sister to the GAE model that came out in 2020.”

“We learned a lot from the tremendous success of the limited edition SL-1210GAE, which was launched in June 2020 and almost immediately sold out,” said Frank Balzuweit, European Technics Product Manager.

He went on to say, “We realized there was a lot of interest in a’regular’ black version of this flagship 1200 Series model, so we created one.” The new SL-1210G is distinguished by its striking black finish, which exudes genuine elegance.”

For those keeping track, the following are the main characteristics of the SL-1210G:

• Direct-drive motor with a double rotor and a single stator that is free of iron core
• A hybrid encoder for rotational speed detection that also serves as a rotor position detector (using a “Hall Sensor”).
• A tonearm made of cold-drawn magnesium is used in this instrument.
• The tonearm bearings are housed in a housing that has been cut and processed.
• Three-layer platter with each platter individually adjusted for balance on each layer
• Cabinet with four layers of high-rigidity and a heavy aluminum top plate, as well as silicone-rubber insulators

The 1210G will retail for £3,499 and will be available for purchase starting in October 2021.

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