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This App Will Reconnect You With Your Nightclub Bathroom Friends

We’ve all made a friend in the club bathroom, whether they helped us zip our skirts, advised us to ditch a bad date, or roasted our favorite sports team.

Through hilarious anecdotes and embarrassing photos taken while intoxicated, a brand-new app aims to reunite you with the people you met in the restroom.

Their brand new service, Bathroom BFFS, is a place to submit stories from long-lost bathroom buddies in the hopes of reuniting you with the one that got away. Bathroom BFFS comes from the same team that created Dusk, an app for finding nightlife. Dusk is a nightlife discovery app.

It was reported by Dusk that a survey of 2,000 people in the United Kingdom between the ages of 18 and 45 found that 59 percent of people have either given or received relationship information in a club, pub, or bar restroom. One in five of those people have either ended relationships or begun new ones as a direct result of the advice given to them by their bathroom buddy.

People who frequent clubs and pubs are being asked to share their most interesting anecdotes in exchange for the opportunity to win “the ultimate VVIP festival experience.” These tales will be featured on the company’s website and mobile application.