Check Out This Nintendo Switch Akai Pro Mpc Concept by Alquemy

The Switch and MPC crossover product is modeled after the most recent iterations of the Akai MPC and, because it is sold as two distinct modules, it may be attached to either end of the screen that comes with the standalone Switch.

In addition to that, it has built-in speakers on either side, and the back of the device has connections for audio I/O and MIDI. Additionally, an SD card slot is included on the Switch for saving and loading data such as files, stems, and loops.

When the screen is properly installed inside the idea device, it can serve as the primary touchscreen interface for the apparatus. A simplified version of the MPC software can be seen displayed on the Switch screen in the images that were provided by Alquemy. The knobs and pads of the hardware MPC attachment have been mapped to different parameters in this version.

A variety of Akai’s trademark functions may be found on the detachable left side of the gadget. These contain nine, not twelve, assignable touch-sensitive pads, and there are eight pad banks in which you can preserve preset arrangements. Latch, note repeat, erase, redo, and delete are some of the additional options that are available.

The right side of the device includes a record button, an overdub button, a play/stop/mute button, a menu button, and play/start/stop/mute buttons. Next to these are four assignable knobs that the user can use to alter different aspects of the project, such as the filter cutoff of a track, for example. These knobs are located just to the right of these. The purpose of the fifth, larger knob isn’t quite obvious, but it has the ability to serve as the master volume control.

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