Peggy Gou, a Korean-born, Berlin-based DJ and producer, released an anime-inspired music video over the weekend to accompany her second single of 2020, which follows her first single in two years, ‘Nabi,’ which she released with OHHYUK in May and was her first in two years. The shimmering childhood-inspired single with plenty of kicks and synths, ‘I Go’ was released on July 9 via her own label, Gudu Records, on 12 inch vinyl and on digital download with artwork by Jeeook Choi. The album will be released on vinyl, along with an instrumental and an acapella that will only be available on vinyl.

As Gou put it, the song is “my own reimagination of the sounds I grew up loving,” and now we have a video to go along with it that perfectly echoes the sentimentality of the 90s house-inspired track.

According to a press release, she stated that when she was a teenager in Korea, there was no rave culture like there was in the United Kingdom at the time. “I Go is a tribute to that era, and it is my own reimagining of the sounds I grew up listening to.”

In 2019, while staring in the mirror of an airport toilet, I jotted down some lyrics on my phone: “I looked exhausted, but there was no way I wasn’t going to keep going!”

The song, which is both nostalgic and completely contemporary, has been dubbed “the soundtrack to summer” and now it has been accompanied by a music video that will help to maintain that mood.

In a further nod to Gou’s Korean heritage, the video, which took five months to create, stars Peggy Gou as the captain of an all-female fleet, as well as a crew of killer rabbits and a golden giraffe. Minjung Kim created the animation for this film, which was directed by Peggy Gou and Inji Seo. Inji Seo created the artwork, which was then animated by Minjung Kim.

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