On Twitter, phone enthusiast Evan, who goes by the handle @evleaks, revealed the new codenames for the upcoming Nokia phones, which will be available in the coming weeks. He discovered a few easter eggs that were related to the EDM community and its artists amongst them. For two of their upcoming devices, Nokia will use the names Deadmau5 and Aoki as codenames.

Despite the fact that phone companies are experiencing difficulties, the veteran company Nokia continues to release new devices. According to LG, the company plans to stop producing phones in 2021. This season, the phone industry is not having a particularly successful year, and mobile brands are putting forth the bare minimum of effort. Apple is a good example of this, as research firm Trendforce predicts that the company will not make any significant changes to the iPhone this year. Apple will not be manufacturing the iPhone 13 this year. Because of the negative connotations associated with the number, they have designated it as a S year.

Despite the lack of information available about these Nokia phones, we anticipate that they will have impressive audio specifications. While you’re waiting for the Nokia release, make sure to listen to the latest Deadmau5 and Lights track, “When The Summer Dies (Alt Mix)” on Spotify.

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