He is well-known for his high-profile, star-studded collaborations, which have spanned a wide range of musical genres and extended far beyond the realm of dance music. However, after playing with All Time Low at the 2021 edition of Lollapalooza, he has exceeded himself this time.

Aoki found himself trending on Twitter for a variety of reasons — as he does on a regular basis — but this time it wasn’t simply because of his onstage antics and predilection for slapping people in the face with cake. After bringing out the iconic punk band, Aoki’s DJ set went viral, sending fans of the band into a frenzy. Aoki’s DJ set went viral after he brought out the iconic punk band.

After Aoki shared a few videos of the performance on his Instagram Story, fans were able to catch the scene on their phones. One video shows lead singer Alex Gaskarth performing a previously unreleased track (which is rumored to be a collaboration with Aoki), while another shows the entire band performing live on stage.

Take a look at the videos above. On Sunday, August 1st, Lollapalooza will continue, and music fans can watch the action live on Hulu from the comfort of their own homes.