On July 27, their ‘Mic Drop’ collaborator for the 2017 remix, Steve Aoki, rushed to Twitter to express his delight at the official music video having received over one billion views. Aoki’s first music video, ‘Mic Drop – Steve Aoki Remix,’ became the first music video ever to reach the 1 billion views mark on YouTube. When the remix was released, BTS and Steve Aoki created history, as it debuted at number 28 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making it the group’s first hit to reach the Top 40 of the chart.

In a video clip, Aoki discusses what it was like to work with BTS and witness their meteoric rise to global superstardom. He says:

“Working with BTS has been an extraordinary experience. They’re just amazing, beautiful human beings… It’s so cool to go back in time and think about what it was like back then and see where they’ve gone now – really becoming one of the biggest bands in music. Period.”

To express his gratitude to the countless fans who showed their support for the collaboration, Aoki released a megamix featuring tracks such as ‘Dynamite,’ ‘Butter,’ his remixes of ‘Mic Drop’ and ‘Blueberry Eyes’ by MAX featuring SUGA, as well as his own track ‘Waste It On Me,’ which features BTS, and BTS’ ‘The Truth Untold,’ which features Aoki.

“It’s been amazing seeing all the dance moves, the covers, the tributes. You guys went above and beyond the creativity to really pump up this record and make it your own,” Aoki adds.

“They’ve built this incredible bridge for music in Asia, music that’s been going on for a long time. They continue to break boundaries and break borders, and I’m so excited to where they’re gonna continue to go.”

Following ‘DNA,’ ‘Boy With Luv,’ and ‘Dynamite,’ the official music video for the GRAMMY-nominated group’s current single becomes the fourth fastest music video to reach the milestone in the group’s history.

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