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A hilarious video of DJ Khaled receiving a framed promotional Xbox Series S was recently shared on social media, and it has since become a meme of sorts. When asked what the Xbox Series S is, Khaled replies, “What is this, a speaker?” He may have been unfamiliar with the next-generation consoles from Microsoft, or he may have simply been being the DJ Khaled that the public knows and loves. There has been a lot of buzz about the short video clip, which DJ Khaled shared on his Instagram story and is still making its way around social media.

It’s worth noting that the promotional box that DJ Khaled received is quite interesting. DJ Khaled expresses gratitude to LeBron James and Xbox for the gift in his Instagram story, which provides some background information about the box. It’s a customized box that contains a variety of Space Jam: The Video Game items. The Xbox Series S comes with a variety of accessories, including an Xbox Series X/S wireless controller, a pair of sneakers, a Bugs Bunny trading card, and the console itself.

DJ Khaled appears to be extremely grateful for the gift, which is in keeping with his outgoing personality for which he is well-known. He expresses particular gratitude for the sneakers, which he intends to display in his sneaker room, according to him. In addition to the Xbox Series S console, he does not appear to be interested in anything else in the box, as evidenced by his comment on it. At the very least, he appears to be intrigued by the concept of a promotional box themed after Space Jam: A New Legacy, which is encouraging. His Instagram account even claims that he and his family watched Space Jam: A New Legacy on the weekend.

The fact that DJ Khaled posted the short video to his Instagram account all but confirmed that he was playing along with the joke, at least to some extent. There has always been a lingering question as to whether or not DJ Khaled is aware of the memes in which he is involved. Despite the fact that he is a frequently ridiculous character, his popularity cannot be denied. Making fun of the Xbox Series S by referring to it as a speaker rather than a console and then posting it on the internet suggests that someone was attempting to be amusing.

To DJ Khaled’s credit, the Xbox Series S does have the appearance of a stereo system. Someone who has never seen an Xbox Series S before might be forgiven for thinking the console is exactly what it appears to be. The assumption becomes even more ridiculous when the device is packaged in a promotional box from Xbox that also contains other Xbox hardware, as shown below.

What makes the situation even funnier is that Xbox would probably appreciate DJ Khaled referring to its Xbox Series S console as a “speaker,” as the situation indicates. In any case, it’s the same company that’s releasing an officially licensed refrigerator based on the Xbox Series X video game console. If this DJ Khaled video becomes even more popular, it’s possible that a speaker will be released in the near future.