In the form of ‘We Collide’, Luis Del Carmen has delivered his latest techno release, which is an aggressive true rager that is overflowing with energy. “We Collide” is the EP title of Del Carmen’s debut release on IAMT Red consisting of 2 tracks insert Dark Muse, and it is available for pre-order on Beatport.


It’s not like the Filipino producer has ever been one to be afraid of change. As Angelo Del Carmen, he is best known for his work in trance production, which is also known under the moniker Parnassvs. Throughout his career, the artist has been known to experiment with many different sound aliases, gimmicks, and sound profiles. Despite having achieved considerable success in the world of trance, Luis has recently found himself drawn to the darker side of the sound spectrum, eschewing his trademark melodic breakdowns and musical syntax in an effort to bring forward a new energy through his techno productions.


‘We Collide’, on the other hand, broods over this newly discovered direction. The melodic breakdowns and bright trance key progressions that were a hallmark of Parnassvs’ previous work are no longer present. Luis Del Carmen has evolved/culminated , and in its place we find darker synths and driving bass lines; he has shed his former self like a snake has shed its skin. Luis Del Carmen takes to the stage on ‘We Collide’ dressed in all-black and banging his chest as if it were a kick drum just like the 2nd track titled ‘Dark Muse’. The dark cinematic melodies of the entire EP drive the story forward. An underlying sense of aggression dominates the sound profile, which is characterized by a high level of tension in every direction. A strong emphasis is placed on heavy percussion elements in these tracks, which is fast, loud, and hard-hitting.

“We Collide” by Luis Del Carmen is his latest EP and will be released on July 23rd, 2021. It is currently available for pre-order via Beatport here and will be available for purchase on the same day. Take a listen to the recording below.

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