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After several years of establishing his profile, No Mana has embarked on the release of his debut album, Secret Level.

No Mana (Jordan Orcaz) is reuniting with longtime label partner mau5trap, who have been supporting his music since 2015. No Mana has been practicing musical alchemy and sculpting a craft that has never seen the light of day as the production wizard from Southern California. However, with recent work released, his music has reached to the ears of electronic music aficionados Eric Prydz, Dillon Francis, and many others. Within a year, he begins releasing material under the moniker mau5trap and demonstrates to the world what he’s all about: electro house wizard with influences from a variety of four-to-the-floor genres and styles from various eras and stages of electronic music. You’ll quickly recognize deadmau5’s influence after listening to his tunes.

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Orcaz has maintained a strong brand presence at the nexus of dance music and gaming. He has released 14 unique two-track EPs under the No Mana alias over the course of nearly five years, beginning with 1UP in 2015. Secret Level resembles a capstone project in many ways. No Mana’s catchy progressive melodies and flashy 8-bit synths shine brightest on the full 11-track album. For those unfamiliar with No Mana, the track serves as an ideal introduction to the producer’s virtual world.