Dialled In is a brand new festival that will debut in London this year, showcasing the best of South Asian music.

Dialled In, which will take place over the course of three months from August to October 2021, will feature a variety of events ranging from live music to conferences.

The festival was created as a result of a collaboration between the UK-based collectives Daytimers, No ID, and Chalo, all of which are dedicated to the promotion of South Asian talent and creativity.

The purpose of Dialled In is to demonstrate how South Asian artists have been marginalized by a predominantly white-dominated creative industry. An official spokesperson for the festival stated that the work aims to inspire younger South Asian creatives by breaking down barriers and pave the way for them to move forward.

The festival has already secured the participation of artists such as Nabihah Iqbal, Manara, NAINA, Auntie Flo, DEBONAIR, and Yung Singh, among over 20 others. Parties, roundtable discussions, a mentorship program, and a documentary screening will all take place over the course of four months, among other things.

Several venues at Uplands Business Park will host a day and night party on September 11, with live music from local artists and members of the collectives that organized the festival performing throughout the day and night.

Meanwhile, roundtable discussions will be held at various locations throughout the three-month festival in and around Walthamstow, London. All of these events will spark a conversation about marginalized communities and encourage open dialogue with the Daytimers crew, among other things.

A mentorship program for emerging talent will also be offered through Dialled In, which will assist new artists and DJs in finding their way in the music industry.

The director of Dialled In, Ahad Elley, also known by his stage name Ahadadream, stated, “When I was starting out in the music industry, I didn’t feel like I had enough role models who looked like me.”

It is the goal of this project to provide a different experience for the next generation of South Asian creatives in the future.

More information about Dialled In can be found here, and tickets for both the day and night events can be purchased here.


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