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Batman’s Soundtrack Features Peggy Gou

Other electronic all-stars who appear on the 14-track playlist include Patrick Topping, Kevin Saunderson, and Alesso.

If you were planning on going to see The Batman this weekend, you might have been surprised to learn that the London club Printworks was featured in the film, which also features a soundtrack that is nothing short of spectacular, with electronic music being one of the primary genres, along with classical and opera. The official 14-track playlist includes a number of well-known names from the electronic music genre.

Peggy Gou, a South Korean DJ and producer, contributed two songs to the film, including a single from her 2016 album ‘Troop’ and an unreleased track from her upcoming album ‘Darkroom.’

She’s not the only musician to have music used in the film; Kevin Saunderson and Patrick Topping are credited as having collaborated on the song ‘Frisk,’ which was also featured in the film with Alesso and Baauer, who also had music featured in the film.

It is also accompanied with music from Beethoven, as well as a couple of chords from Nirvana, which contribute to the film’s gloomy atmosphere. See the following for the full tracklist:

The Batman, which premiered on March 4 and starring Robert Pattinson as the formidable Batman, earned $128.5 million in its first weekend of release.

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