Peggy Gou Returns to Bali for a Cliffside Gig Next Month

The event, which was announced earlier today, will take place on April 9 at Ulu Cliffhouse, an outdoor location noted for its breathtaking sunset views of the Indian Ocean. Artists such as Carl Cox and Fatboy Slim have performed at the club in the past.

Peggy Gou

Peggy will be performing with Dea Barandana, who recently released an EP on Gudu Records, Dita, and the PNNY collective.

It is no surprise that the internationally renowned artist is familiar with the Island of the Gods, having built a professional relationship with Desa Potato Head over the years. Her most recent gig in Bali was with DJ Harvey at Potato Head on New Year’s Eve 2019, and she has since collaborated with Space Available on a chair constructed from upcycled plastic as part of the project.

But her return is being organized by Überhaus, a group of well-known Middle Eastern promoters who manage a gorgeous club in Beirut that is frequently in the news for the right reasons.

After two years of delays, the concert appears to be riding the coattails of her Australian tour, which begins off on March 31 after being delayed for two years.

On April 9, Peggy Gou will be performing at Ulu Cliffhouse in Bali. You can purchase tickets here.

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