Slooply is a new online platform that provides access to over a million sounds and samples for music makers on the lookout for new sounds and samples.

Producers can enhance their sample libraries on Slooply by accessing a diverse range of instruments for their tracks, including brass, flutes, saxophones, and even unusual instruments such as the quenacho and the piccolo. Users can browse and select these sounds by genre, mood, kind, key, or artist, all of which are available in high-quality WAV file, and then incorporate them into their compositions using the service.

Also available on the internet is the ability to download MIDI files, which allow musicians to plug and match their samples for seamless melody composition. Free sample packs rooted in hip-hop, trap, electro, and almost every other modern music genre are also available for download.

However, musicians can take advantage of the service by creating an account and activating a free membership plan, which allows them to browse and download sounds from more than 3,000 different sources. This option enables users to become familiar with the platform before selecting the most appropriate plan for their requirements. The huge sound bank is only accessible with a paid subscription, which starts at $7.99 per month and goes up from there.

You may learn more about Slooply by visiting their website here.

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