Visitors to the website can sort by decade and year to discover the most important music news of the day as well as specially curated Spotify playlists based on the most popular tracks from that era, which is a massive resource. Alternatively, you can search for recordings by artist, DJ, or radio show to be presented with a plethora of historic recordings, many of which are taken from original DAT tapes.

The collection will be organized on the website according to the year it was acquired. Additionally, a keyword search will be available, making it possible to conduct broad searches for specific genres and artists. A simple click of the mouse and a tap of the keyboard will bring the entire world right to your computer’s fingertips. A watershed moment in the evolution of dance music has occurred. It will serve as a source of information for those interested in learning more about the profession and evolution of dance music.

Andi Durrant, a DJ, producer, and radio host who rose to prominence at the end of the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s as a DJ at Sheffield trance superclub Gatecrasher, where he frequently performed alongside regular production partner Nick Riley, is in charge of the project.

Content from YouTube or other free streaming services, where it has been uploaded over the years, is frequently used for submissions. Currently, the process is neither perfect nor nearly complete, but there are years and years of history and just as much time to help flesh it out in the Archive if anyone is interested.

You can make a suggestion for a piece of musical history by contacting Dance Music Archive via email — — or through their social media channels.

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