Perhaps one of the most popular pastimes among gamers right now is participating in Phasmophobia with a group of friends, but their expeditions with ghosts may have become a whole lot more enjoyable since the discovery of the Discord bot, Rythm, in 2015. The convenient music add-on has become a staple of our gaming sessions, injecting some light-hearted fun into what is quickly becoming a terrifying horror game.

One of the many Discord add-ons available is Rhythm Bot, which allows you to select and play music on the server. Enter the command ‘!play’ followed by the song title you want to hear, and the bot will search YouTube, Spotify, or Soundcloud (depending on which service you have selected) and play the audio from the top-ranking result it finds. The song Bye Bye Bye will be played if you type ‘!play bye bye bye’ into your keyboard.

There is a premium option that allows you to add music to a queue and change the speed at which songs play. When combined with Phasmophobia, dead players can take on the role of a DJ, which is a lot more entertaining than simply floating around waiting for your friends to kick the bucket.

Rythm is one of many extremely useful Discord themes, plugins, and add-ons available, and it is also extremely simple to install. When you go to Rythm’s official website and click on the ‘invite the bot’ button, the website will prompt you to sign into Discord and then allow you to choose which permissions you want to grant the bot as well as which server you want to add it to. Once you have made your selections, the bot will be added to the server you specified. When you close the browser window and reopen Discord, the bot will be listed as “Online” in the server member list, indicating that it is available.

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