Researchers have developed a new artificial intelligence (AI) that can generate lyrics for live instrumental music performances.

The system, which goes by the name of LyricJam, listens to an audio stream through a microphone while simultaneously producing lyrical content to match in real time.

Users can install it on their desktop computers and access it through Google Chrome.

According to the team at the University of Waterloo who developed it, the system is intended to assist musicians in the lyric writing process rather than to replace them entirely.

According to the researchers,

“Rather than writing a song for the artist, the primary goal of this research is to inspire the artist’s own creativity by suggesting fresh new ideas and expressions that the system generates while listening to the instrumental music played by the artist.”

Olga Vechtomova, the project’s coordinator, added: “The lines that were generated gave participants the confidence to improvise. Examples include artists reorganizing their chord structures and taking their improvisation in a different direction than what they had originally intended as a result of the lines”.

Watch the demo video here.

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