Dull conversation after dull conversation blends into one another in a dating scene dominated by boring swipes and cheesy pickup lines, resulting in an extraordinarily bleak outlook on the future of dating in general. New dating app POM has created a new format for all of the single souls out there to spice up the dating scene, hopefully leading to better connections and face-to-face experiences in the future.

POM is an abbreviation for “Power Of Music,” and as the name suggests, it is a dating app that connects people based on their shared musical interests. So, how does it function? Instead of spending hours writing and rewriting a clever bio about yourself that only a few people will read anyway, users can sign up and connect their preferred music streaming service, such as Spotify or Apple Music, to their dating profile, saving time and effort. After that, the algorithm will work its magic and decipher the connections between users’ musical preferences, and voila! You’ve got yourself a match that has been scientifically engineered to harmonize with the music.

In an interview with Uktech, Vihan Patel, co-founder of POM, discusses how he came up with the idea for POM.

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“I first had the idea for POM while attending university, where I was in charge of organizing club nights. Individuals behaved in very different ways depending on the type of night it was, such as a rock music or R&B themed night, it became apparent. They dressed differently, drank differently, and interacted differently with one another as a result, demonstrating how important music is to a person’s identity.”

Can’t wait to get your feet wet? Hold on, you might have to wait a little longer to meet the person who will become your life partner. The app was originally scheduled to launch on August 10, but it has been postponed for a few days to allow for some tweaking, with no new release date set as of yet. You can, however, sign up to be put on a waiting list for the app if you want to.

According to POM’s social media, the first 1,500 matches during the launch week will be eligible for a free date with a friend. The specifics of how these free dates will be distributed are currently unknown, but hey, a chance at a free date is preferable to not having a date at all.

After all, what could be better than an actual party for a face-to-face encounter? POM hosted a launch party on August 5 at East London’s Night Tales, which was attended by over 200 people. The party featured performances by Shanti Celeste, Thor b2b Maro, and Kristi.

More information about the app can be found here.

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