Cereal boxes were once used to construct imaginary cardboard worlds and for word puzzles by children, but that was not so long ago. These boxes now have the capabilities of a spy gadget from a Spy Kids movie, which is quite impressive.

Using a new web-based augmented reality app, the General Mills brand has unveiled three limited-edition Reese’s Puffs cereal boxes that can be used to create music. A tasty beat can be made with only a few pieces of equipment, or should we say ingredients, such as a cereal box and an application. To create beats, the creators can make use of a Crunchy Drum Machine, a Creamy Lead Synth, and a Chocolatey Bass Synth, among other things. “

“I used to be obsessed with reading the back of cereal boxes when I was a kid.” Anomaly LA’s partner and chief creative officer, Josh Fell, said in a statement.

“What about a word search? Searched. Maze? Solved. Over and over. “We came to the realization that our box could be much more. It has the potential to be a peanut buttery, chocolatey canvas for imagination. It’s not a joke when it comes to creativity. Legitimate artistic expression through music. Everything about it was a blast. In addition, I’m looking forward to seeing what other people do with the materials. “

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