Reese's Puffs' RP-Pro


Reese’s Puffs AR Cereal Box Drum Machine is the perfect tool for crafting beats at the breakfast table.

Cereal boxes were once used to construct imaginary cardboard worlds and for word puzzles by children, but that was not so long ago. These boxes now have the capabilities of a spy gadget from a Spy Kids movie, which is quite impressive.

Using a new web-based augmented reality app, the General Mills brand has unveiled three limited-edition Reese’s Puffs cereal boxes that can be used to create music. A tasty beat can be made with only a few pieces of equipment, or should we say ingredients, such as a cereal box and an application. To create beats, the creators can make use of a Crunchy Drum Machine, a Creamy Lead Synth, and a Chocolatey Bass Synth, among other things. “

“I used to be obsessed with reading the back of cereal boxes when I was a kid.” Anomaly LA’s partner and chief creative officer, Josh Fell, said in a statement.

“What about a word search? Searched. Maze? Solved. Over and over. “We came to the realization that our box could be much more. It has the potential to be a peanut buttery, chocolatey canvas for imagination. It’s not a joke when it comes to creativity. Legitimate artistic expression through music. Everything about it was a blast. In addition, I’m looking forward to seeing what other people do with the materials. “