The news that ZHU would release three new tracks to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Pokémon only a few days ago spread like wildfire across the internet. He’s already back with another new batch of music to share with you.

The enigmatic producer, in collaboration with Amazon Music, has released a 27-track “Summer Session” playlist, which includes some of his favorite summertime hits and is available on the streaming service. Fans will be treated to a new single titled “Z-Train,” which will be available exclusively on the platform as the playlist’s opening track, just in case that wasn’t enough.

Following in the footsteps of ZHU, the track begins with an otherworldly, atmospheric introduction before twinkling keys take center stage. Afterwards, the train derails and accelerates into a neon-drenched beat before coming to a close with some dazzling synths. After much experimentation, the final product is appropriately titled, as the entire song feels like a journey on and off the rails through another of ZHU’s distinctive soundscapes.

The “Summer Session” playlist, which includes ZHU’s new single “Z-Train,” is available now. Both of the new releases are available to Amazon Music subscribers, who can listen to them below.

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