The energetic shows he puts on and the crazy dance moves he performs on stage have made Salvatore Ganacci a household name, but he is also one of the most talented producers working in the electronic dance music scene. Keeping both creativity and passion at the forefront of the production of each of his tracks, Ganacci’s latest house single perfectly captures the vision and attitude that he strives to convey with each release. Furthermore, as a result of its inspiration from Japanese composer Toshiyuki Kimori’s record “Dirty Fight,” this latest track is destined for nothing less than commercial success.

When Ganacci releases new music, it is equally as exciting for both fans and the artist himself. Fans look forward to seeing the music video that will be released to accompany one of his tracks. With disappointment not being a part of the Swedish lexicon, the anime-inspired music video for ‘Fight Dirty’ is yet another masterpiece that we have been blessed with over the course of the past few years. Visitors will be taken on an extraordinary journey where they will witness Ganacci taking on the main protagonist – a giant hand! The music video will be perfectly matched to the rhythm of this latest release and will take viewers on an extraordinary journey!

As outlandish as ever, this latest track will enthrall listeners from the get-go, and as is to be expected, ‘Fight Dirty’ will leave you wanting more. Now available on Spotify, you can listen to ‘Fight Dirty’ as well as watch the accompanying video below – trust us when we say you won’t want to miss out on this. Please share your thoughts on both the song and the music video in the comments section below.

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