Great musicians consider their instruments to be extensions of their bodies, serving as a conduit for the expression of their creative selves. A new analog synthesizer from SOMA Laboratory aims to do the same thing by bringing this mind-body connection into the realm of electronic music production.

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The ENNER synthesizer, which combines the words “inner” and “energy,” is described as a “body-patching synth” that connects a player’s emotional state to the metal pads of the instrument through weak electrical currents. Its sounds are extremely sensitive to human touch, and are affected by the amount of pressure, speed, and angle with which a performer manipulates the device during a performance.

“Your hands become the most important component of the circuitry,” according to the synth’s description. During synthesis, the signals (passing through your body) determine the mixing, the level of the sound, the timbre, the feedback, and other parameters.

ENNER was inspired by the work of Danish sound artist SiSTOR, who collaborated with LYRA-8 creator Vlad Kreimer to create the device. A fixed frequency filter, a five-voice synthesizer, an output of static pink noise, and a modulated stereo delay are some of the features of this synthesizer. It also has a piezo pickup on the front panel, which can be used to record the voice of the user.

The ENNER can be ordered directly from SOMA Laboratory if you are interested in getting your hands on one.

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