With nightclubs closed, DJs are more popular than ever before streaming their sets from home. As a result, Serato decided to create visuals to allow DJs to increase the level of production on their streams.

The visuals, which will be updated on a monthly basis, can be used as loops or as VJ visuals. At the moment, you can choose from a variety of backgrounds, including cities, patterns, a rococo house, an enchanted forest scene, and more.

“Streaming DJs are in charge of the music as well as the entire visual experience,” says Scotty Hoogerbrug, Chief Marketing Officer at Serato. “However, completing this task successfully is a difficult task; therefore, we decided to assist you in your endeavors.”

“This meant that we were able to create a massive range of visuals to enhance the overall look of your set, all for free. Because the requirements of a DJ differ from those of a typical streamer, our creative team worked tirelessly to ensure that we were on point.”

Serato also released a new Twitch Extension to coincide with the release of the new visuals.

You can get Serato’s visuals here.

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