Following a successful 2.5 million seed funding round led by PTK Capital and Grammy-winning musician Moby, the Swiss startup Mictic has launched their new wearable wristbands that can translate air gestures into sounds.

Microtics’ Mictic device is comprised of two wristbands equipped with proprietary sensors and spatial mapping technology that track the movements of the wearer. It’s as simple as putting on the wristbands and connecting them to your smartphone via Bluetooth to begin creating music with air gestures.

With 15 sounds and soundscapes representing a wide range of musical styles and genres, including Rock, Hip Hop, Latin, and Electronic Dance Music (EDM), the device is aimed at users of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned musicians. New instruments and soundscapes will be made available for download on a monthly basis, according to the developers at Mictic.

Mictic CTO Matthias Frey expressed his thoughts on the device’s potential for more serious musical endeavors in an interview with TechCrunch. He said: “People can connect to Ableton and use Mictic in the same way they would use any other MIDI controller,” says the developer. “We hope that people will come up with new and innovative ways to use our product.”

“We also intend to expand our platform business in the very near future,” says the company. “Once the product is released, one of the next steps for users will be the ability to create their own soundscapes, which will be relatively simple,” he continued.

The Mictic, which will retail for $119 per set, will be available in stores and online starting on November 26th. In addition to two wristbands, software and tutorials, and a charger, each unit will include a number of other items. Mictic’s website allows customers to place pre-orders.

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