Deadmau5 is fresh off his performance at EDC and is gearing up to release more new music. This time, it’s a slow-burning collaboration with Foster the People, and the track is titled ‘Hyperlandia.’  With dizzying synth melodies and anthemic vocals, this low-lit, intricate, and well-thought-out mix is sure to get you moving. This is where Foster the People comes in.

The track begins with a cosmic melody infused with synths and a yearning atmosphere, which sets the tone for the rest of the track. It’s ethereal and neon-tinged, thanks to the electronica. After a short while, Foster the People’s vocals are heard, and the song immediately takes on a classic feel. It still sounds tender when combined with Joel’s complex production, which includes arpeggiating synthesizers and drum patterns. Is Deadmau5 releasing a more intimate track? Please accept my request. Take a listen to the lyrics as they sing, “Give me your best night / We’re only here for a day, so don’t tell me your name.” And then it goes on to say, “And just melt into my arms while we disappear into the darkness.”

As the name implies, Hyperlandia is a place where people dream of getting away, and when combined with the cover art, it suggests that this track is perfect for late-night drives. You know, the kind of place where you can find comfort in dissociating, but only for the right person, while on an adventure. Deadmau5 is well-known for his collaborations with stellar artists, and he now has another star-studded artist to his roster. This new release follows the success of his in-game concert series Oberhasli, which was released earlier this year. Everything happens inside Core, which is a premier platform for user-created games as well as a developing social/virtual music environment. Furthermore, his remaining tour dates include his annual Day of the Deadmau5 celebration in Miami, the Freaky Deaky Festival, and a day at Red Rocks.

He’s taking over the world, both virtually and physically. You can listen to his most recent track down below.

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