If you’re having trouble falling asleep, this track might just be the thing to put on as background music.

YouTuber-musician Andrew Huang has released a new 2-hour-long generative modular synthscape video that is intended to help listeners sleep and relax while they are watching.

Video of the massive console blinking away while it generates dreamy sounds was released on his second channel SUTURE SOUND; this was an understandable decision given that watching the video itself isn’t the point of the exercise.

Huang himself is one of the most well-known figures in the online music technology community, and earlier this year, in October, he teamed up with multi-instrumentalist Rob Scallon for the third year in a row to release Gotta Record Everything Good as First Of October, a compilation of their best work. In addition to the fact that they only have a day to write a 10-track album, their now-annual get-together is distinguished by the fact that they broke their previous personal best by writing an 11-track album in only 12 hours.

Huang released his Flip app in 2020, which was created with his own workflow in mind. Huang has been working on it since then. The majority of my work involves unconventional sound sources, ranging from household items to aircraft hangers. “I come across these things on a whim and would like to use them in the moment of inspiration,” Huang said of his finding these things. In my daydreams, I imagined the ideal workflow for that particular process.

This is taken into consideration when developing the app, which promises a streamlined experience for creating sample-based music on the go.