The Enhancia Music Ring Can Connect You to the World of Music

For all of you mixed media musicians out there, here’s another cool gadget that you can use to spruce up your music production skills. Instead of playing your music and then tuning everything afterwards or pre-programming your launchpad with various sound effects, you can do it all at once. How? It’s only natural to do so with Neova! This Enhancia music ring enhances the way you play music by allowing you to trigger vibrato and other effects with a flick and a twist of your hand. Perfect for live musicians.

Operating the Enhancia Music Ring

Your computer must be connected to the hub included with the Neova Enhancia music ring to function properly. This is also where you perform all of the tuning and programming for all of the hand motions in addition to charging your ring. Therefore, you will not be forced to abandon your previous software because they provide both standalone software and a plugin that can be used with a Digital Audio Workstation.

Hand Movements

The good thing about the Enhancia music ring is that it does not register every movement you make, only the ones that have been pre-programmed into the ring’s memory. As a result, you can concentrate on playing without being concerned about affecting your sound in the wrong places. You can learn more about how the default motions work by watching the video below. However, for those who are preserving their data, the following is a succinct summary.

  • Hand Wobble: Vibrato
  • Tilt Back and Forth: Pitch Bend
  • Tilt Forward: Low Pass Filter

You can certainly substitute these for other options that better suit your personal style. These were chosen because they are relatively natural gestures for musicians who play keyboards, allowing them to experiment with effects with the least amount of fuss. And, let’s face it, it’s pretty cool, especially for those who enjoy improvised dialogue.

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