Creative Studio Creates Galaxy of Electronic Music History

A creative studio in the United Kingdom has created a one-of-a-kind vision of the etymology of modern electronic music.

The artist collective Dorothy from Manchester recently released two art prints titled “The Electronic System” and “The Alternative System,” in which landmarks of our universe are reimagined as significant figures in the history of electronic and alternative music, respectively.

The print, which is centered on electronic music, features influential artists such as Daft Punk and Brian Eno, who is considered the father of ambient music. The composition of the artwork not only highlights the most significant contributors to the genre, but it also draws attention to the influences that are likely to have influenced each artist.

Kraftwerk, the legendary German electronic band, is, unsurprisingly, positioned squarely at the center of the universe, namely the sun. When Kraftwerk first formed in 1969, they had no idea how much they would go on to inspire countless other artists and become one of the genre’s earliest success stories. Jean-Michel Jarre, who is widely regarded as the “godfather of contemporary electronic music” and an inspiration to many of today’s superstars, including Armin van Buuren, is located a little further out in outer space.

Several equally prominent “moons” can be found on planets labeled as Aphex Twin and The Chemical Brothers, which can be found elsewhere in the framework. Both Radiohead and Squarepusher appear in the vicinity of the Aphex Twin planet’s gravitational pull, while The Prodigy and Underworld appear in the vicinity of The Chemical Brothers.

Check out the prints available for purchase here for a crash course in electronic music through the decades, complete with a scientific twist.

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