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Google Unveils Free Online Electronic Music Exhibition With AR Vintage Synths

Music, Makers, and Machines is a lavish, interactive electronic music exhibition created by Google that celebrates the genre’s long and illustrious history.

This is being hosted on the company’s Google Arts & Culture platform, and it will cover the inventors, artists, sounds, and technology associated with electronic music. In addition to the Bob Moog Foundation’s Moogseum, it has received support from more than 50 international institutions during its development.

Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting experiments is the AR synth, which allows you to create musical compositions using five classic pieces of music technology hardware in 3D or augmented reality. It is the Moog Memorymoog, ARP Odyssey, Fairlight CMI, Akai S900, and Roland CR-78 that we are specifically referring to in this article.

All of these devices can be dragged into a virtual space and are equipped with step sequencers of their own to make music. There are also some basic sound tweaking controls available.

In addition, there are 3D, spinnable images of 22 classic synths, 360-degree tours, hundreds of photographs and videos, as well as profiles of some of the most important figures, tracks, locations, and genres in the history of electronic music. You could easily lose hours to it because it’s like finding a real treasure trove of information.

You can now explore the exhibition Music, Makers, and Machines on your computer’s desktop. Mobile users can access it through the Google Arts & Culture app, which is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, respectively.

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