Regi Valenzuela — Snapshot Reflections on Nightlife Photography and Health

If you work in the nightlife industry, taking care of your health should be a top priority. Nightlife can be enjoyable, but not when it comes at the expense of your life gradually deteriorating with the passage of time; therefore, it is imperative that you take care of yourself.

In this interview, nightlife photographer Regi Valenzuela, better known as RVP, discusses how he stays on top of his business at night while simultaneously maintaining a healthy way of life. It is incredible that humans have the capacity to be both adaptable and persistent at the same time. We were able to catch up with him on a number of occasions, such as during the Wacken Metal Battle festival and the Motherbasss 10th Anniversary celebration, among other events. And we are in for a bit of a surprise to find out how to keep up with the ever-evolving nightlife scene, and during our conversation, we most certainly picked up a thing or two about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How do you keep your body in shape when you operate as a nightlife photographer, especially considering how little sleep you get? 
Before I became a professional photographer, I used to dance, specifically BBOYing, also known as breakdancing. Because of this, even before I was a photographer, I was able to train my body by performing a variety of workouts and body weight training. When I first started working as a nightlife photographer, I didn’t realize how unhealthy the job could be, especially considering the late hours I often worked and the amount of alcohol I consumed. Now that I’ve been doing it for a while, I realize that I should be engaging in some sort of physical activity in order to sweat it all out the following day and keep a healthy balance. On average, I sleep for seven to eight hours. If I had a shoot late at night like I often do, I would work out around supper time before heading to the set. 

Regi Valenzuela

What is your go-to workout routine, and what lens do you find yourself using the most on your camera? 
I absolutely love running outdoors. When I am not scheduled to shoot during the week. I am keeping to my usual practice of getting up at 5 in the morning, running, and then doing calisthenics afterward; these are my standard workout routines. 

The majority of the time, I shot with a wide-angle lens. Or my 16-55 f/2.8, which I consider to be my main all-purpose lens that I can utilize for a variety of occasions. 

Calisthenics, sometimes known as callisthenics, is a type of strength training that consists of a range of actions that engage big muscular groups, such as standing, gripping, pushing, and so on. As bodyweight workouts, these exercises are frequently performed rhythmically and with minimum equipment.

Regi Valenzuela

When it comes to photography, do you find that being physically active and healthy gives you an advantage? 
YES. actually, this is true even outside of the realm of photography. Always when I talk to folks that I wanted to be like, I advise them to keep themselves physically active. I believe that it is essential. Your mind is trained in the same way that your body is trained when you stay active and when you workout or exercise. 

You need to develop a sense of assurance. Imagine what it is that you want, and bring that sense of assurance into your physical self. We are unaware that our state of mind has a direct influence on the way we make use of our bodies. Your physical body is the vehicle that will get you to where you want to go in life. If you are exhausted, you simply cannot perform at your highest level. Therefore, if you want to perform at your absolute best, it makes sense to take care of your physical body. It also makes sense to explore all of the hacks, tactics, and fundamentals that lead to outstanding health and energy levels. Put as much effort into taking care of your health as you do your career or your business. You will not only feel better and look better, but you will also have increased mental cognition, which will allow you to accomplish even more. 

Regi Valenzuela

Which of the events that you’ve shot will stick out in your mind the most? Was there anything particularly remarkable that took place that evening? 
LABORACAY 2014 was my first event with the SOAK DJ RON POE that took place outside of Metro Manila. When we were about to start our act, I tumbled down badly off the stage because I let people (the event producers) pass by the stairs going up too to the stage, and then I didn’t notice that the last step backing is not the stage anymore haha! In the end, my coverage for that night still went off without a hitch. On that night, a lot of magazines that are published by airlines asked to publish some of my images on their page and in their magazines. Wonderful times, all around!

What is your go-to playlist or song that you exercise to when you want to get a good workout? 

When I run, I dont listen to music. Podcasts and audio books are the types of media that I listen to. Something about which I am confident that I will gain a great deal of knowledge, which I will then be able to pass on to others. 

Listening to rap metal and old school hip hop keeps me motivated while I’m lifting weights at the gym. Something that could get me revved up and ready to go to the limit!

We are pleased to bring attention to the subject with health and nightlife as potentially valuable information that can be shared with other facets of the nightlife community. Following is a brief overview of the types of photography that Regi Valenzuela specializes in, including Nightlife, Clubbing, Events, Birthdays, Corporates, Branding, Food, Product Photography, Portraits, Clothings, and Vlog Contents.

Since he began his career in 2013, he has amassed such a diverse portfolio of projects for a wide range of clients; the only way he could have accomplished such a feat is by maintaining his good health. In addition to that, he is affiliated with groups such as Manila Hypin, P&P tattoo, SOAK squad, SecretFresh, and teamRVP.


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