Increasing numbers of electronic music artists are becoming more and more involved in the video game community, with many of them performing at tournaments and conventions, resulting in electronic music songs becoming the anthem of gamers. Fire up one of these and turn on the strobe lights to transform your living room into a full-on rave party atmosphere.


Hikaru Utada, a Japanese musician, composes and performs the music for each and every Kingdom Hearts video game. Rather than working alone on this third installment of the popular series, Utada chose to collaborate with electronic music legend Skrillex, and the two collaborated on the iconic theme song for this expansive, action role-playing gaming experience known as “Face My Fears.” Game developers, as well as members of the electronic music and gaming communities, hailed the song and the game as instant masterpieces.


What should you expect from a video game that is primarily focused on dancing? There was a lot of electronic music music played. Among the many features of Dance Dance Revolution is the use of a pad, which allows players to hit buttons with their feet while rocking out to a large selection of electronic music songs. When playing this game, the buttons will light up in a way that allows players to simulate the experience of shuffling around in a rave environment. Dance Dance Revolution was a masterclass in rhythm gaming, and it helped to establish the genre.


Mortal Kombat was first released in the 1990s, and it has been stirring up controversy ever since it was released. Deathmatch has featured a large number of electronic music songs in its soundtracks over the course of its decades-long history, including his iconic acid-inspired anthem ‘Techno Syndrome,’ which was first released in 1994. Over the years, the game has also included songs by dance music heavyweights such as Skrillex, which have served as the soundtrack for characters such as Dmitri Vegas.


This is not a game for those who are easily intimidated. In addition to featuring a healthy dose of violence, it also includes an abundance of electronic music music and synthetic sounds. Artists such as Jasper Byrne and Perturbator contribute to the game’s soundtrack, which helps to add an extra layer of tension to this action-packed game.


DJ Hero has a similar basic structure to its counterpart game, Guitar Hero, in terms of gameplay. The difference here is that DJ Hero was created with an emphasis on electronic music as the primary musical genre. Gameplay revolves around the control of a turntable and a mixer, which allows players to remix hits by artists such as deadmau5 and Skrillex, both of whom are playable characters in the game. Almost everything about this game is interactive; it was created to allow players to immerse themselves in the roles of their favorite artists, and it succeeds admirably in this endeavor.

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