While we’ve been getting sneak peeks on social media, and we’ve even stood outside their storefront windows and fogged up their windows, it’s finally time for HEADSTREAM by Potato Head to hit stores.

HEADSTREAM is a digital streaming platform that masquerades as an on-site studio space and record store. Its true purpose is to bring the voices, stories, and sounds of Indonesia to the attention of the entire world…in a sustainable manner, of course.

Its headquarters are located beneath The Womb, a remarkable 90-metre bamboo archway built by renowned artist Nano Uhero that is a strong contender for the cover of an upcoming Architectural Digest issue on sustainable building practices and design principles. Nonetheless, the studio itself, which is a (eco) temple constructed entirely of recycled plastic, is even more impressive than the building itself. It was created in collaboration with rising Bali-based architect Zhi Xiong Chan of ZXC Studio, and the artist repurposed motor oil bottles into panels, as well as mineral water caps that were collected from waterways throughout the island. Industrial rubber rejects are used in the production of the entire 170 kilograms of flooring in question.

The team will be broadcasting content to the world from this location every day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. GMT+8. Breaking free from its previously musically anchored agenda, HEADSTREAM aspires to further develop the “beach club’s” connection with its global audience by incorporating forward-thinking elements of local culture into its mix, which will be accompanied by a leftfield soundtrack with a regional focus.

HEADSTREAM’s mission is to unearth new and unheard voices, connect communities, and provide a global stage for the archipelago’s many DJs, collectors, creatives, thinkers, musicians and cultural heroes. “The digital streaming service occupies an important space in this endeavor,” according to the service’s description.

It is hoped that documentary films and other unexpected progressions will be added to the HEADSTREAM program in the near future, driven by a central idea: to discover new pathways that will facilitate the dynamism that distinguishes the brand while also enhancing its offering of music, art, and dialogue.”

It comes on the heels of the gradual reopening of Desa Potato Head, a multidisciplinary sustainable kingdom and audiophile indulgence by the beach that had been in development for years before the pandemic forced the show to close just weeks before it was set to open officially in December. The Desa now has 168 rooms, a Balearic-inspired amphitheatre, an art house, a deep listening bar, a subterranean nightclub that is currently under construction, a pop-up rooftop DJ booth, and it serves as a training ground for aspiring musicians and artists. Desa Potato Head, designed in collaboration with David Gianotten at OMA, the Dutch architecture firm founded by Rem Koolhaas, reopened in July after a longer-than-expected hiatus, with the addition of the all-new Potato Head Studios and an enticing artist-in-residence program, all of which aim to reshape how people experience hospitality in general.

For programming and additional information, please see headstream.digital or potatohead.co

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