It’s been a couple of weeks since Casio began teasing a new product on its social media channels, and the final teaser shows what appears to be a new keyboard or synth, which is followed by the sound of a vocoded voice, implying that the new hardware will be some sort of synth-vocoder combo.

Casio had originally shared a cryptic video just before Christmas, with a Facebook video featuring a vocoded voice saying ‘Check It Out,’ but with no indication of any specific hardware. The latest video, which was also shared across the company’s social media channels, includes more vocoder, but it also shows a glimpse of a keyboard with a synth panel as a light pans across the device. An ‘AiX Sound Source’ logo appears after that, followed by the question ‘Are You Ready?’ January 2022′.

Expect an announcement in the near future – our best guess would be a new synth that relies heavily on vocoding features, but the Japanese brand has a history of surprising us. Take a look at the teaser video below.

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