This year’s surprise announcement comes in the form of LG’s virtual influencer Rhea Keem getting ready to release her first album.

Keem, who was first announced at CES 2021, will be collaborating with South Korean record label Mystic Story to produce her debut album, which will be released in 2022.

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Despite the fact that no further information is available at the time of writing, it is expected to be released later this year. An LG spokesperson told TechRadar that Keem is “composing her own songs now,” which may not come as a surprise if she were merely an avatar piloted by someone, but Keem is a fully functional AI character with mannerisms and expressions created by capturing the movements of actors, as well as a voice shaped by 4 months of natural language data collection and training.

While the concept of a virtual influencer may be foreign to some, Keem joins the ranks of other virtual influencers such as Louis Lee and Lil Miquela who have had similar results. Miquela, in particular, has been a huge success, having appeared in campaigns for Calvin Klein and Chanel, among others, and raking in a reported 13.0 billion KRW in revenue last year alone.

And while we’re on the subject of AI-powered musicians, Canadian singer-producer and visual artist Grimes announced the formation of her AI girl group NPC in November 2021. The group will consist of an endless stream of members who can be voted in or out, as well as a cast of permanent members, including Grimes’ NFT creation, “baby Warnymph,” who will be replaced by a new member every six months. The group has collaborated with producer-DJ Chris Lake on a single titled A Drug From God, which was released earlier this year.