MC Benj Miranda Sets the Tone for Fair Compensation in the World of DJing

MC Benj Miranda, an esteemed hypeman in the Philippines, has made the decision to expand his skillset and become a DJ. He is widely respected for his energetic performances and ability to hype up crowds, but he felt that it was time to try something new and challenge himself. In an interview, he shared his thoughts on why he wanted to pursue DJing and the challenges he faced.

MC Benj Miranda - Midnight Rebels

MC Benj Miranda has been a prominent figure in the Philippine entertainment industry since 2009, elevating his skills by collaborating with both local and international DJs. He is a sought-after host for clubs, events, and festivals, and his dedication to growth and evolution is an inspiration to aspiring artists. His infectious energy and passion for music have made him a crowd favorite and enabled him to remain relevant and successful in the highly competitive entertainment industry.

He is not the first artist to decide to broaden their horizons and add new skills to their repertoire. This kind of ambition and desire to grow as an artist is admirable, and it speaks to the importance of always seeking to improve oneself. As society continues to evolve and change, it is essential that individuals remain open-minded and willing to learn.

However, as MC Benj Miranda discovered, pursuing new skills can be a costly endeavor. He was shocked to discover the steep investment required to start a DJ career, which included purchasing equipment, software, and licenses. This experience highlights the importance of financial literacy and the need for individuals to plan and budget carefully when pursuing new ventures.

Well nagulat lang ako na ganun pala yung investment na need mo. All i thought was everything goes down with a laptop pero hindi. From the laptop itself, cords, usbs, the apps and the licenses and suites and shit even your playlist and the whole music itself you need to pay for it. Kaya grabe. Tangina hindi pa ako nakaka start nakaka 70k na ako. Masakit sa bulsa talaga literal but the most thing that I learned is hindi basta basta and Djing kaya nakakalungkot yung mga TFs ng clubs ngayon. Akala nila ganun ganun lang yun. Hindi sapat yung 1-2k or lets say 2500 na tf per play. Regardless kung well known pro or amateur ka for me its not enough. Kaya sana lahat din ng club owners and organizers na kumukuha ng djs is ma educate. Bottomline of this convo is grabe respect ko ngayon sa lahat ng djs. Kaya sana sooner or later tumaas na tf

MC Benj Miranda

Furthermore, MC Benj Miranda’s decision to become a DJ highlights the value of versatility and adaptability in today’s world. As the entertainment industry becomes increasingly competitive and dynamic, it is crucial for artists to be able to offer a range of skills and experiences. This adaptability can also apply to other areas of life, such as the workplace or personal relationships, where individuals who are versatile and adaptable are often more successful.

Finally, MC Benj Miranda’s experience underscores the importance of recognizing the value of others’ work and compensating them fairly. DJs, like other artists, put in hours of practice and effort to hone their craft and create memorable performances. It is essential that their work is valued and that they are compensated fairly for their contributions.

MC Benj Miranda’s decision to expand his skillset and pursue DJing is a testament to the importance of lifelong learning and the value of adaptability. However, his experience also highlights the challenges that individuals face when pursuing new ventures and the need for financial literacy and fair compensation. As society continues to change, it is essential that individuals remain open-minded, adaptable, and mindful of the value of others’ work.


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