Filipina Female DJ Says No to Perverted Clients and Demand Equality

As the music industry continues to evolve and diversify, it has become increasingly common to see female DJs in the scene. However, despite the progress made in breaking gender barriers, women in this field still face discrimination and harassment. Recently, a Filipina female DJ in the Philippines shared her experience of being invited to perform at a bachelor party without being allowed to bring a companion. In this article, we delve deeper into her story and discuss the steps that can be taken to prevent such situations from occurring in the future.

The invitation in question was to perform at a bachelor party in a hotel room with 15 males. What made it worse was the condition that she couldn’t bring a companion, and the offer of a talent fee of 15,000 pesos. This clearly crossed the line of professionalism and safety, and as she shared in an interview with us, “I felt disrespected and belittled. Not being OA here but it just annoys me whenever female DJs are being viewed as females who are ‘easy to get’ just because we are always in the drinking and party scene. This is a perfect example of how being a DJ (more so a female DJ) is not viewed as a ‘professional job.’ It’s just sad and I hope the industry can do something about it.”

It’s important to note that this kind of situation is not unique to the DJ industry. Women across all professions and industries face similar challenges and sexism. However, as this female DJ pointed out, “it’s up to us to do our own fair share of screening clients, and only accepting gigs that are not just fun but also SAFE. Let’s be smart and aware at all times.”

After receiving the inappropriate invitation, the DJ took action by posting screenshots of the conversation on her own timeline to raise awareness among her fellow female DJs. She also gave the perpetrator’s number to some of her contacts in the industry, hoping they could help correct the behavior. However, the number was inactive after they reached out, suggesting that the person knew he was in trouble.

Speaking to the issue at hand, the DJ voiced out, “female DJs are not disrespected because of what we wear and how we act – we are disrespected because some boys choose to be a**h*les. It’s never right to disrespect a female DJ or all women in general just because she party, drinks and have fun. Don’t also use the ‘she wears a sexy outfit hence she will be disrespected’ card. We can wear whatever we want and shall not be seen as prey. Period.”

To other women who may find themselves in similar situations, the DJ advised, “only surround yourself with men who act like men and not childish boys. Whenever you feel like you are getting a ‘wrong offer,’ just say NO. Saying NO is difficult, especially when the talent fee is high, but we only live once. Prioritize your safety at all times.”

This story highlights the challenges that women, particularly in male-dominated industries, continue to face. It’s crucial to stand up against sexism and discrimination, and prioritize safety and respect above all else. Women should feel empowered to say NO to any situation that compromises their well-being and dignity. It’s time to create a culture where women are respected and valued in all industries, including the DJ industry.


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