From Unknown to Top DJ – Can Connections Alone Propel You to Success in the Philippines?

It’s a story that’s been told countless times in the music industry: a rising talent with average skills who manages to reach the top through the power of their connections. But is this an occurrence we should celebrate, or a troubling trend that undermines the very foundations of musical creativity and talent? This notion has been widely talked in hidden corners in the industry, particularly in the case of a DJ in the Philippines who made it to the “top DJ” by connections.

The “cookie-cutting” DJ in question started out as a relatively unknown talent in the local club scene. It had average DJ skills and lacked the originality and creativity of other DJs in the nation. Follows a certain formula and stick to a specific genre to cater to its audience. Despite this, the DJ managed to rise to the top of the DJ circuit through its connection-building efforts. While some may applaud tenacity and networking prowess, others are left wondering whether this kind of success is built on shaky ethical grounds.


The DJ befriended club owners, event organizers, and businessmen who had the power to promote and provide gigs. The top DJ would attend various events, parties, and nightlife get togethers to expand its circle of contacts. The DJ’s efforts paid off, as it quickly gained popularity and became a staple in the club scene.

Many people believe that its success was not due to its skills as a DJ, but rather to its connections in the industry. Given that the top DJ is more known for its connections than its talent, some people have even questioned whether or not the DJ should be considered a real DJ. On the other hand, there are those who believe that in the music industry, networking and the establishment of connections are equally as important as talent and skills.


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