Fake It ‘Til You Make It? DJ in Makati Busted for Pre-Mixed Set

Authenticity and passion are highly valued in the world of DJing, and nothing is more disappointing than discovering a DJ playing a pre-mixed set. A DJ in Makati, Philippines, was recently caught playing a pre-mixed set at a local club. However, other DJs in the community responded with encouragement and support, demonstrating the power of a positive attitude.


When other DJs in the club heard familiar sounds coming from the speakers, they suspected something was wrong. They discovered that the set had been pre-recorded after further investigation. Rather than publicly shaming or criticizing the DJ, the other DJs approached with constructive feedback and encouragement.

The other DJs understood that everyone has to start somewhere and that mistakes can be made along the way. Rather than criticizing the DJ, they offered advice and suggestions for improvement. They also offered to assist the DJ in honing their skills and developing their own distinct sound.

This response exemplifies the DJ community’s supportive and inclusive nature. Rather than being competitive or critical, these DJs chose to assist a fellow artist. This is especially important given how difficult it is for DJs to connect and collaborate in person in timely manner.

The incident also emphasizes the importance of DJing authenticity and live performance. Audiences want to see and hear a DJ’s distinct style and creative choices, rather than just a pre-made set. The other DJs were aware of this and encouraged the DJ to embrace their uniqueness and create their own sets.

Finally, this incident served as a reminder to the DJ community of the importance of encouraging one another, practicing regularly, and remaining true to oneself. DJs can continue to inspire and uplift their audiences in Makati or wherever and beyond with the right attitude and mindset.

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