Hybrid Fury is a three-piece collective that was founded to produce something outside of the members’ regular comfort zones. It treads exciting unpredictable waters and it’s something new for the individuals involved. Jared is a member of the electronic duo Curse & Bless, while Theo is a self-taught electronic dance music producer, and Rogel is a member of the metal band Valley Of Chrome.

They hope to produce experimental soundscapes that bridge the boundaries of the genres in which they specialize. The ensemble, which is a DIY effort, aspires to create music that is thrilling and original, eschewing formula and placing emphasis on expression above all else.

“The Need To Breathe,” the trio’s first song, which will be released in the near future, grabs listeners’ attention right away with its post-hardcore sound, dark vocals that rise into throaty scream-o, asphyxiating pauses, and an explosive build into a wub-filled drop. Musical components such as instrumentals and electronics are interwoven throughout the track, resulting in an experience that is sure to get you riled up. ‘The Need To Breathe’ is a powerful collaborative effort that smothers listeners in smoldering bass and full-throttle metalcore, as suggested by the album’s title. After all, it’s unlikely that listeners will be able to refrain from a little headbanging during the jolting excursion. The group promises more music soon… of the hybrid kind that is.

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