Dilaw’s UHAW Gets a Fresh Spin: Curse & Bless Delivers an Irresistible Uhaw Remix

Heartfelt longing meets captivating Indie Dance vibes in “Uhaw” – Dilaw’s soulful original transformed by Curse & Bless, enchanting listeners with a unique and easy-listening remix.

Music has the incredible ability to evoke emotions and transport us to a different state of mind. One such track that has captured the hearts of many is “Uhaw” by Dilaw, a band from Baguio. This song beautifully portrays the longing and desire for someone special in the singer’s life. However, an Uhaw remix by Curse & Bless, has taken this heartfelt original and given it a unique twist. The remix retains the essence of the original while infusing elements of Indie Dance, resulting in a captivating and easy-listening experience.

Original Track:

“Uhaw” by Dilaw “Uhaw” by Dilaw is a song that delves into the intense yearning the singer feels for someone who brings light into their life. The lyrics convey a strong desire to be near this person and find a way to reach them, emphasizing their importance even during challenging times. The chorus repeatedly asks the question “Bakit Ikaw?” (Why is it you?), showcasing the singer’s confusion and longing. The instrumental break intensifies the emotions of the song, leading into a bridge and final chorus that continue to express the singer’s longing for love and affection. Overall, the original track encapsulates the feeling of being deeply in love and unable to let go.

The Remix: Curse & Bless’s Unique Interpretation

Jared Celemin or better known as Curse & Bless/BSTRDPRNCE, stumbled upon “Uhaw” by Dilaw unexpectedly while listening to a random playlist on Spotify. Captivated by the vocalist’s voice and the track’s catchiness, he felt inspired to create a remix that stayed true to the original while infusing it with his own unique style. The result was a mesmerizing blend of Indie Dance, evoking a chill vibe that resonates with listeners both inside and outside the club scene.

The remix by Curse & Bless preserves the essence of “Uhaw” while adding haunting chopped chants of the vocals, featuring the phrases “Uhaw, Akoy, Uhaw, Sayo, Uhaw.” This ingenious touch maintains the emotional core of the original track while giving it a distinct character. Drawing inspiration from artists like Bonobo and Emancipator, Curse & Bless weaves a soundscape that is both danceable and easy listening, making it a versatile track that can be enjoyed in various settings.


“Uhaw” by Dilaw is a song that captivates listeners with its profound expression of longing and desire. Curse & Bless’s remix takes this heartfelt original to new heights, infusing it with Alternative Dance and Indie Dance elements, while maintaining the essence that made the original track so compelling. The remix retains its chill vibe and haunting vocals, providing a fresh perspective on the emotions conveyed by the original. With its danceable and easy-listening nature, Curse & Bless’s remix of “Uhaw” is a testament to the transformative power of music and its ability to connect with our deepest emotions.


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