Oberhasli, which was announced during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live, will launch on October 14. It will be an evolving online space filled with music and games, curated by Deadmau5, and will be available to all users. An opening performance by Deadmau5 and other artists will serve as a prelude to the main event. Oberhasli is a concept that aims to create a musical space within a game platform, but without the time constraints that virtual concerts such as those held within Fortnite impose on players.

“Creating a world like Oberhasli has been a long-held dream of mine, but I quickly realized how difficult it can be to create a multiplayer experience as a solo developer”. In a press release, Deadmau5 stated, “The amazing thing about Core is that anyone can jump in and create content regardless of experience or resources.  Virtual concerts have been tried before, but after making a big splash, they quickly fizzle out, as if there is no shelf life to them. It is my goal to establish Oberhasli as an important part of the artist community by regularly updating it over time, changing things up and keeping it cohesive with real-world news and ancillary events.”

One significant distinction between Core and Roblox is that Core was built primarily as a gaming creation platform rather than as a game itself, as demonstrated by how easily players can design and share games in the community. Deadmau5’s involvement is a significant step forward for Core in comparison to its large competitors – and the musician has previously used Core creations in a music video, ‘When the Summer Dies,’ which was released earlier this year.

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